“The ideal tenant of a home pays on time and works outside the door or is now entitled to a pension. The ideal tenant of a home likes peace and decent living behavior. ”


+ Registration DOES make sense if you have:

income from work;  (MORE INFORMATION)

a valid residence permit in the Netherlands;

a positive payment history according to a credit check;

a guarantor (nice but not mandatory);

the will to follow the advice of PRIMA Real Estate Agents regarding your application


- Signing up does NOT make sense if you:

compile an income from allowances and financing (s);

still studying;

have a Wwb benefit;

are dealing with debt counseling (amicable or legal WSNP);

cannot communicate in Dutch or English;

you cannot or do not want to be transparent about questions and answers regarding your application.


Sign Up


PRIMA Makelaars has opted for the VerhuurtBeter.nl registration system. The registration system offers home seekers the opportunity to present themselves to PRIMA Real Estate Agents in exactly the same way (think of delivery form and speed). Register for one of our homes https://prima.verhuurtbeter.nl

To register, you pay VerhuurtBeter.nl a one-time fee of € 30 for an account of 1 year. This amount is never reimbursed. It is therefore very important that you first read the conditions carefully before you sign up. When registering, you automatically give us approval for a credit and ID check.


pay attention

We only handle complete rental files (profile + documents). Be as comprehensive as possible when filling in your profile. Deliver your documents scanned. We do not communicate in the meantime about incomplete files.

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